Winter Ready With Hygge

Simple ways to make your home hygge ready for the winter

Chances are you'll be aware of the phrase ‘hygge’, you’ve probably heard us mention it more than once!

Hygge, roughly translated to mean ‘cosiness’ can be defined as; “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing”. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, the Scandanavian term commonly associated with relaxation, indulgence and gratitude truly comes into its own during the colder months. Winter is the most hygge time of the year. It is candles, woollies, woven textiles, hot drinks and a roaring fireplace. It is seen as both a feeling and a lifestyle by many around the world. 

The transition between seasons can prompt a reassessment of the furnishings within your home and winter is the optimum time to adopt this Danish-inspired way of life. So, if you’re looking to inject a bit more hygge into your home, here are a few simple steps to help get you started:

Create tabletop centrepieces with winter greenery

While winter isn’t typically a great time for gardening, you can still flex your green fingers by bringing clippings of seasonal foliage - such as holly, spruce, and ivory - into the home to create a spectacular dining table centrepiece. Don’t forget, when the time comes, to also add festive decorations such as fir cones, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges.

Top tip! No green thumb? No problem! Faux greenery is your best friend.


Pull out cosy blankets and cushions

One of our favourite ways to make the home feel cosy is with thick blankets and plush cushions. Soften your space by switching up your textiles. Pack away any lightweight linens, instead think about wools and velvets as the nights start to draw in. Add throws, cushions and a cosy rug in earthy tones to make your home feel warm and welcome.

Top tip! Don’t forget to consider pattern and colour. If you’ve gone for neutral walls, you can afford to experiment with pops of colour in your soft furnishings. If you’ve gone for a heavily designed wallpaper, stick to a neutral palette.


Consider the importance of lighting

A hygge home draws in as much natural light as possible. Candlelight is your go-to option for evenings, but incorporating more natural light in the home during the day is equally as important. Keep curtains open and position mirrors on walls across from windows to bounce the natural light around the room. If your space has few windows or it gets very dark, be strategic about the placement of your lamps.

Top tip! Choose light bulbs with an orange tint instead of blue light and position lighting in the cosiest areas of your home (like near a favourite armchair or in a reading nook).


Light some candles

To achieve the ultimate cosy atmosphere at home, candles add both ambience and scent while the flickering flame gives a sense of peace. Candles which crack and pop - just like a real wood-burning log fire - are particularly soothing. Turning off artificial lights and opting for candles transforms any space into a cosier, more romantic and more intimate oasis. Whether it’s during a night in alone or while entertaining close friends, there’s nothing more enticing than a room lit by candlelight. Just remember that soy wax (made from soybeans) burns cleaner and for longer than traditional paraffin wax (made from petroleum).

Top tip! Take it one step further by lighting several candles and grouping them together to form pools of natural light around your living space; perfect for snuggling on the sofa.


Remember that simplicity is key

Lastly, remember that the hygge life is about ease, contentment, and comfort. If there’s a cluttered corner or a piece of furniture you don’t really love, you probably aren’t enjoying your home as much as you could. Only fill your space with the things that make you happy and ditch what doesn’t. Hygge is about taking pleasure in the sheer simplicity of your immediate surroundings, so use your space for living rather than as storage space for clutter.


If, like the Danes, you want to embrace the hygge way of life but need a little more guidance when it comes to selecting the right furniture for you, we’re here to help. 

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Posted by Sian Dennis
16th November 2022

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