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Four things to consider when buying a new sofa

Some call it a couch, others call it a settee - whatever its name, purchasing your sofa is an investment which takes time and consideration. 

There are a whole host of factors to consider. You need to pick a style that compliments your living space, determine the right size and type to suit your lifestyle, select a material that lasts, find a colour you love, ensure you have the right filling for ultimate comfort, and more. 


With so much to consider, how can you ensure you’re sourcing the right piece?

We’re here to arm you with the knowledge you need to purchase the right sofa. So, put your feet up and make yourself comfortable. Here are four easy tips and tricks to get you started.


Size and type matters 

First thing’s first, your sofa must fit the size of your room. There’s nothing worse than forcing a sofa into a tight space or having a small sofa which looks out of place in a large room.

Luckily, there’s lots of different styles of sofas which compliment a host of different living shapes and sizes.

For example…

  1. Corner sofas: perfect for bigger rooms with space to fill (shout out to one of our favourites, the ALASKA)
  2. Two or three seater sofas: great for those looking to stretch out in length and width (the BRANDON is ideal)
  3. Sofa beds: a smart choice for smaller, compact spacs (the STINA is dreamy)
  4. Modular sofas: ideal if you want the freedom to adapt the shape and size of your sofa (the CLEO is a striking choice if you want both style and comfort) 

Don’t rely on sight and estimations. Dig out your tape measure to get an accurate reading of the space you’re working with before you decide which style to go for.


Purpose and lifestyle 

After choosing your sofa type and size, it’s important to consider how your sofa will be used. 

For example, if you’re looking for a sofa to relax on in an evening in front of the telly, then comfort is key (just like the COLORADO). If you’re looking for a luxury aesthetic (we’re looking at the HUGO), then an elegant chaise longue might be for you. 

Top tip: consider how you sit on your sofa. Hear us out! If there are two on the sofa and you both like to have your legs up, then you may prefer a deeper sofa with a chaise end or possibly a reclining mechanism. If you’re tall, a sofa with a higher back is more practical. If you like to lie down, make sure you can stretch across the width of the sofa. 


Fabric vs leather

The material you choose will determine the durability, performance and longevity of your sofa.

For everyday, regular use, you might prefer a hard-wearing fabric or a good-quality leather as they’re more forgiving to wear-and-tear. For example, if you’re looking for a child and pet friendly sofa, it’s wise to avoid materials such as velvet which can be tricky to maintain. Instead, a woven fabric is a good choice if your sofa is likely to be clambered and bounced on; the tight, flat weave makes it really hard wearing. 

If you’re after a sofa which grows in character over time, then a natural leather is an excellent choice. The leather will stretch and crease, softening the shape and feel of the sofa over time. This gives it a beautiful aged and rustic look. Leather is super easy to clean too with a slightly damp cloth and leather-specific cleaning kit.

Top tip: always ask for fabric swatches and test the colour in your home’s natural and electrical light during different times of the day before purchasing.


Embrace your personal style 

Sofa styles have evolved a lot over the years, so now is the perfect time to be bold and choose a sofa which truly compliments your style and room design. 

Grey sofas with wooden legs, for example, set the tone in a Scandi inspired space while leather sofas work well in a country style living room. A bold colour will also pop against a minimalist, neutral design palette. 

Top tip: don’t forget, a sofa is a big investment so make sure you pick one you know you’ll love for the long haul; you won’t be replacing it in a hurry.


Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’re committed to making the sofa purchasing experience easy-peasey! Drop us a line with any requirements or style inspiration you have and we’ll find your perfect sofa together.

Oh, and we’ll give you 10% off your first order with the code CROME10.


Posted by Sian Dennis
17th May 2022

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