Please note that the price of goods does not include the price of delivery. All delivery dates are an estimate only until confirmed by us or our nominated delivery partner. Payment must be made in full before this can be done and all deliveries must be signed for, confirming that the goods have been received in good condition. Failed deliveries will incur a further delivery fee.  

You may request that a delivery be made to a nominated third party, but these must also be signed for and will be considered to have been delivered to yourself. Identification will be required. If you need to change the delivery address after ordering, then this must be confirmed in writing to us and by us. Ownership will only pass to you once full payment is made and the goods are delivered. Any deliveries that are affected by circumstances beyond our control will not be eligible for a refund.

All goods must be checked on arrival and any damage reported to us within 24 hours with photographic evidence. We reserve the right to inspect any goods reported as damaged.

Unfortunately, as we do not have the necessary recycling facilities, we are unable to take away old furniture.  However, we do recommend contacting your local charities who are often happy to collect any suitable items.

Deliveries made by us, or our nominated delivery partners will be undertaken with the utmost care and consideration, but we cannot accept any liability for accidental damage to your property or person. If you wish to protect your floor coverings, we recommend that you put down suitable floor protection. It is your responsibility to ensure that any measurements taken by yourself and used in the ordering of the goods are correct and that there is sufficient space available to deliver the products through any doorways, lift entrances or up/downstairs with no obstructions. We would advise that all pictures or breakable items be removed anywhere where the delivery will pass through. Access must be suitable for the goods you order. If we or our nominated delivery partners, consider that delivery is not possible without causing damage then your agreement will be necessary for the delivery to continue. Please ensure that all pets are kept in another room whilst the delivery is made.

We, or our nominated delivery partners will, wherever is reasonably possible, deliver the goods to a room of your choice. There must be adequate access for these goods to be delivered safely and in line with the current Health and Safety guidelines.

All our deliveries are subject to the Covid guidelines in place at the time of delivery. We require windows and doors to be open allowing adequate ventilation and that you always maintain a safe distance.

Delivery costs are payable per brand, therefore if your order contains an item from Stressless and an item from Habufa then the cost for each brand must be added together to find the total cost of delivery. All packaging removed by us will be recycled.

Habufa Delivery Fees

Standard (Drop Only) - All Included Areas FREE

Unboxed and Packaging Taken Away - All Included Areas £19.95

Unboxed, Assembled and Packaging Taken Away - All Included Areas £59.95

Stressless Delivery Fees

All Items Unboxed, Assembled and Packaging Taken Away.

Area 1 (Central) - £75.00

Area 2 (London and South) - £100.00

Area 3 (North) - £125.00

Area 4 (Scotland) - £150.00

Area 5 (Islands and Highlands) - Excluded