Summer Style 2022

Five ways to refresh your living room this summer

Summer is in full swing. As we enjoy lighter days and longer nights, it’s only right we take the time to dust away the last lingering sense of winter and give our living rooms the refresh they deserve.

Don’t worry! You don't have to set your sights on a full room makeover. In fact, there’s no need for a complete overhaul - just a tweak here and there is enough to bring new life to your living space. The best bit? You can do this without breaking the bank. 

Here are our favourite tips to help you spruce up your home quickly, easily and affordably this summer. Let’s get into it.


Add colourful accents

Nothing compliments fine weather like bright colours. Even if you’re colour shy, pops of pastel and candy shades can be used to brighten a neutral room without feeling overwhelming. If you don’t fancy repainting your entire living room, consider a feature wall. A bold splash of colour or patterned wallpaper on one wall is an inexpensive way to transform your living room. 

Alternatively, start small by adding colourful accessories and artwork into your home decors, such as a new rug, vibrant ceramics, contrasting cushions or wall art. 


Flex your green fingers

Give your space a literal sense of life by surrounding yourself with plants. Choose greenery that will thrive in your living room's environment, for example, if you have a lot of natural light, go for something like a peace lily (Spathiphyllum) or spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum). But if it's dark most of the day, try a cast-iron plant (Aspidistra) instead. 

An arrangement of lush foliage lends a crisp, refreshing vibe to interiors and is a quick way to make even the gloomiest of rooms come alive. Don’t forget to consider the type of pot you use as a way to inject style into your space. A black pot, for example, provides contrast against white flowers or grassy greens while coloured ones make an instant impact. 

Houseplants not your thing? Consider accessorising with faux plants, bunches of freshly cut summer blooms or incorporate plant prints into decor elements such as wallpaper and soft furnishings. 


Get comfy

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your living room, it helps to have a comfortable place to relax and unwind - both for you and your guests. 

Make sure there are enough places for everyone to sit comfortably, whether it’s in an armchair (just like the HUGO) or sofa (take a look at the SARA), or even with their feet up on an ottoman or footstool (we love this circular ALEX design).

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a squishy sofa after a long, exhausting day sitting in a pub garden...


Play with your space

Sometimes a simple act such as rearranging your furniture can change the entire look and feel of a room. Don't be afraid to move things around and see what it does to your space. It’s all about perspective and is an easy, inexpensive way to experiment. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover you have more room than you thought.

It’s also worth repositioning your television too. Let’s face it: if you put a TV in a room, it automatically becomes the focal point. Reclaim the space back this summer. Even moving it to the other side of the room and adjusting the seating accordingly will make the space function differently. 


Surround yourself with statement pieces

Surround yourself with items that bring you joy! Whether that is an unusual piece of furniture you adore, a vase in the shape of a cactus, an abstract elephant resin sculpture or atmospheric seasonal artwork, you’re guaranteed an instant mood booster.

Have you considered repurposing any uninspiring furniture you have lying about into new pieces? Don't be afraid to get creative with function. For example, a kitchen stool could easily swap in for a nightstand, or an old metal trolley could hold a stack of books or a cocktail bar (we’ll take both!).

So there you have it, a few simple tips for giving your living room a summer refresh without spending an arm and a leg. With these changes in place, you’ll be able to enjoy the space that much more, time and time again.



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Posted by Sian Dennis
24th June 2022

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