Product Spotlight: Armin

Always Sit Pretty in our Armin Dining Chair

Utterly divine, the ARMIN dining chair makes an impact for all the right reasons.

Accentuated by its stylish quilt stitching detail that runs down the front and back of the chair, the ARMIN is for those looking for an exceptional dining experience. 

Upholstered in Karese fabric, a soft but hard-wearing velvety style or Secilla, a leather look, the comfort level of the ARMIN is everything you would expect from a sculptured dining chair such as this. Its foam seat and back provide support and durability.

The ARMIN is available in three stunning fabric colours: anthracite, ochre and olive and is complemented by an off-black matte black frame. 

The black metal cantilever frame provides a contemporary base which provides a great foundation for the chair to sit on and the back handle allows you to pull the chair from under a table with ease.

“The ARMIN dining chair is certainly a chair you will love when you have those long evenings around the dinner table. Quilting fabric has grown in popularity and the ARMIN capitalises on this. We think it looks fabulous and adds a different dimension compared to other dining chairs available.”
Darrel Crome, co-founder

Your stunning furniture is handmade to order and you can expect to receive it within 8-10 weeks. 

We only work with suppliers committed to reducing wastage during the manufacturing stage and handling ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

Posted by Felicity Crome
7th November 2021

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