Product Spotlight: Tokyo

Experience unparalleled comfort with the Stressless Tokyo recliner, where comfort meets contemporary design. Boasting a slim back adorned with a plush, padded cushion, this recliner envelops you in luxurious softness. Incorporating the renowned Stressless features, including responsive reclining mechanisms and ergonomic support, the Tokyo recliner redefines relaxation in modern style.

Choose from various configurations to suit your preferences, whether it's the high back with an adjustable neck cushion for personalised support, the low back option for a sleek silhouette, or the back with a comfortable headrest, adjustable up to 10cm for enhanced comfort. 

With Stressless Tokyo, indulgence in sublime comfort is effortless and stylish, promising a truly rejuvenating experience every time you unwind.

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Posted by Felicity Crome
29th June 2024

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