Product Spotlight: NEW Kim

Kim stands as not just an armchair but a sanctuary for thought, learning and living. Its design, featuring beautiful organic shapes, is complemented by exquisite carpentry details adorning its wooden legs, bringing the entire piece to life. The thoughtfully designed legs underscore a soft and elegant aesthetic, ensuring that Kim doesn't just fit into your space but enhances it.

This armchair is a masterclass in blending style with comfort. 'Softness' becomes more than just a keyword; it's the essence of Kim, offering unparalleled support in every possible aspect - from the seat to the back, neck and arms. Every inch is crafted to cradle you in comfort, making it more than just a chair, but a retreat.

Viewed from any angle, Kim maintains its beauty, a testament to its thoughtful design and the high level of craftsmanship. It's equipped with exceptional lumbar support, catering to your body's needs and ensuring comfort that lasts throughout the day. This armchair transcends its functional role, destined to become an iconic feature of your living space.

Complementing the ensemble, is a matching footstool, which not only completes the visual appeal but also elevates your relaxation experience. Together, they form a perfect duo, promising not just a place to sit but a haven for relaxation and serenity. Whether nestled in a cosy corner or standing proudly as the centerpiece of your living room, Kim and its footstool, inviting you to unwind in style and comfort.

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Posted by Felicity Crome
28th February 2024

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