Product Spotlight: NEW Benny



Benny distingusihes itself with its unique frame, expertly shaped from 3D bent plywood, showcasing its exceptional design and dedication to comfort. The thoughtfully designed lines of the chair create a welcoming space for rest and relaxation. Its foundation, constructed from high pressure molded solid aluminium combines elegance with durability, providing a stable and stylish base. Moreover, this innovative foundation is equipped with a 360 degree swivel capability, enhancing its functionality with flexability and ease.

The seating area of Benny is a haven of comfort, outfitted with a thick cushion of cold-cured foam. This material choice guarantees that the seat maintains its form and comfot over time, offering an inviting place to sit at any moment. The comofrt is further boosted by the use of exclusive elastic belts, woven into the seat for support and flexability. These features unite to deliver a seating experience that not only meets your comfort needs well into the evening but also epitomises advanced design and craftsmanship.

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Posted by Felicity Crome
20th July 2024

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