Product Spotlight: Mary

Immerse yourself in the elegant charm and unparalleled comfort of the Stressless Mary sofa collection, a masterpiece of design that transforms any living space into a haven of relaxation. Every curve and line of this magnificent sofa has been thoughtfully sculpted to offer not only a visually stunning collection but also an embodiment of comfort that stands the test of time. Its design philosophy marries the essence of aesthetic beauty with practical functionality, ensuring that the Stressless Mary sofa becomes a cornerstone of your home's comfort and elegance. 

The sofa's cushioning is crafted from materials of the highest quality, providing an embrace that feels both luxuriously soft and invitingly warm. This plush cushioning acts as a gentle retreat, perfect for decompressing after the stresses of a long day. What sets the Stressless Mary apart is its commitment to individualised comfort; each seat module is available with full power motors. This innovative feature allows you to fine tune the back and leg support with the touch of a button, offering a bespoke relaxation experience tailored to your body's unique needs.

Customisation extends to the very details of the sofa, including the choice of armrests. Opt for the classic upholstered armrest for a seamless and cosy look, or select an armrest featuring elegant wooden details to introduce a sophisticated edge to your sofa's design. This level of customisation ensures that the Stressless Mary sofa not only complements your existing decor but also reflects your personal style.

In a harmonious blend of design and comfort, the Stressless Mary pairs exquisitely with the iconic Stressless Mayfair recliner. The Mayfair, with its reputation for exceptional comfot and elegant design, has captivated hearts for decades, making it the ideal companion. Together, they create a living space that is as beautiful as it is comfortable, inviting you and your guests to linger longer in its embrace.

The Stressless Mary sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a lifelong investment in your comfort and the beauty of your home. Every aspect, from its design to its customisable features, is a testament to the legacy of quality and innovation that Stressless stands by. Embrace the luxury, comfort and style that the Mary collection brings to your home, making every moment spent within its embrace a cherished celebration.

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Posted by Felicity Crome
2nd April 2024

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