Spotlight: Our Story

Who We Are

A father, daughter duo with a history in the Furniture industry excited to share our products, style ideas and trends with you. Together we have the benefit of four generations of experience with furniture and design.

Having always worked in Furniture retail, Darrel has always been interested in furniture and design.  This probably comes from growing up in a family with a long history of working in that area.  After studying Furniture, Furnishings and Interior Design at college he joined his parents and became the third generation of my family to work for the family business. During the last 38 years he has learnt every aspect of the furniture trade from manufacturing to retail. He has visited various manufacturers to view their current and upcoming products and observed the manufacturing processes in their factories. He found it endlessly fascinating to learn how furniture is made and how the skills involved contribute to the final product. He is still as passionate now as when he started. He continues to be interested with how the right design can be used to create the overall ambiance of a room making it feel like your home.  A space where you can completely relax in comfort.

From an early age I have always been curious about the many aspects of design and share my father’s passion. From a young age I loved visiting our family shop and seeing all the exciting styles, trends and innovations over the years. Having always been interested in art and interiors I’ve learnt many skills from decorating, to assembling and installing furniture, to creating lifestyle room sets and staging photo shoots. I matched this with my online skills and interest in marketing to start my career in the furniture industry. I gained experience working with both International and UK based manufacturers before joining the family business and ultimately deciding to start this adventure with my Dad. We're excited to bring Crome Interiors to you both online and in store!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an atmosphere for relaxed, exciting and fun furniture shopping where you know that the quality, comfort and style is the best on offer at a reasonable price. We strive to always push to be as forward thinking as possible, keeping up to date with current trends. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service with a personal touch and we aim to put our customers at the heart of everything we do, we are here to help not to hurry, giving you the time to explore new trends, discover styles and find the perfect furniture for your home thus ensuring the best possible shopping experience. 

Our History

The original Crome family shop was founded in 1926 by Mr Frederick William Crome and Mr Beadle priding themselves on providing quality furniture outside London. Mr Beadle later returned to the capital leaving the business to Mr Crome, who continued what the pair started offering a large selection of high quality contemporary British and European furniture. On returning from WW2 Mr Donald Crome took over the business, building it up and expanding in order to provide for his family and bring new fashions to the UK market. This legacy has been passed down the Crome family through 3 generations until now where with his daughter Felicity, Darrel has decided to start a new and exciting project using 40 years of experience to bring a new concept to life. With such a strong working family tradition in the furniture industry, design, comfort and quality is just as important today as in 1926. 


"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future." - Charlotte Moss

Posted by Felicity Crome
15th December 2020

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