Gift Guide: Mothers Day

Mother's Day is a special occasion to honor and celebrate the incredible women in our lives who have nurtured, loved and guided us through life's many challenges and joys. If you're looking to express your gratitude with a gift that reflects a blend of simplicity, functionality and beauty, a Scandinavian style creates spaces that are not only stylish but also immensely comforting and welcoming. The Scandinavian aesthetic, with its emphasis on minimalism, light and a connection to nature, offers a plethora of gift ideas that are sure to bring joy and serenity into your mother's living space.

Cosy Blankets

Gifting a cosy throw for Mother's Day is like wrapping your mum in a warm hug that she can return to time and again. Imagine her settling into her favorite chair, the soft fabric draped over her shoulders, a book in her hand and a cup of tea by her side, enveloped in the comfort and care that you've given her. Choose a color that complements her decor or opt for a classic neutral that fits seamlessly anywhere, making it the perfect Mother's Day gift that combines thoughtfulness with everyday luxury and comfort.

Quirky Statement Lights

Illuminate your mum's world in a way as unique as she is with a quirky neon style lamp. Perfect for the mum who loves adding a touch of whimsy and vibrant color to her living space, a neon style lamp can serve as a bright reminder of your love and appreciation for her. Not only does it offer a modern twist on traditional home decor, but it also injects a playful, joyful energy into any room, reflecting her own warmth and radiance. Let a quirky neon style lamp be a beacon of your affection, casting a glow that celebrates her uniqueness and the colorful impact she has on your life.

Cute Colourful Sculptures

Surprise your mum with a vibrant and whimsical touch of artistry by gifting her a colourful balloon dog sculpture. Inspired by the iconic balloon animals seen at carnivals and celebrations, these sculptures bring a playful and nostalgic charm into any space. Each balloon dog is meticulously crafted with bright, eye-catching hues, adding a pop of colour and cheerfulness to your mum's home decor. Not only do these sculptures serve as a unique and quirky conversation piece, but they also symbolise the joy, fun, and boundless love that your mother has brought into your life. It's a delightful reminder to celebrate the childlike wonder and happiness that she continues to inspire every day.

Pretty Prints

Delight your mum with a piece of artwork that not only adds visual charm to her living space but also embodies the depth of your appreciation for her nurturing spirit. Whether it's a majestic stag, a serene woodland scene or a playful family of foxes, animal prints bring a touch of nature's beauty into her home, echoing the unconditional love and warmth she has bestowed upon you throughout the years. Each glance at the framed print will evoke fond memories and a sense of tranquility, serving as a timeless reminder of your enduring affection and gratitude.

Beautiful Books

Why not delight your mum with a captivating journey through the serene landscapes and timeless charm of Scandinavia? Gift her a Nordic coffee table book that transports her to the ethereal beauty of fjords, lush forests, and quaint villages. As she flips through its pages, she'll be enchanted by stunning photography capturing the essence of Nordic design, architecture, and lifestyle. 

A coffee table book is not just a decorative piece; it's a gateway to exploration, imagination, and shared moments of reflection. Whether your mum is passionate about art, travel, photography, or literature, there's a book out there that will captivate her senses and spark conversations. Imagine her delight as she flips through the pages, discovering stunning visuals, insightful narratives, and perhaps even a newfound interest or connection. With each turn of the page, she'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and the depth of your appreciation for her.

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Posted by Felicity Crome
2nd March 2024

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