Earth Day 2023

Sustainability – the buzz work for the 2020’s and for good reason.

Sustainability is defined by National Geographic as; the practice of using natural resources responsibly today, so they are available for future generations tomorrow.


We believe that changes are coming to the furniture industry – fast furniture is becoming less appealing with many opting for investment pieces built to last or reclaiming older furniture and giving it a new home.

All our in-store brands are committed to protecting the environment and evolving their manufacturing processes to meet the highest standards of sustainability achievable.

This Earth Day we wanted to feature SITS and their dedication to the cause. They are a company who firmly believe in protecting the environment and have made a huge commitment not only with the materials they use in their products but also in their manufacturing processes, even in the way their factories are built.

They aim to produce furniture that is both comfortable and fashionable and have as little impact on the environment as possible. Their goal is to have a production line with zero emissions and are continually working towards this. To this end they have their “green by SITS” project and have already managed to reduce their CO2 emissions by almost 35% and plan to increase this to 56%.

Their factories are heated by their own heat which is generated either by their own production machines or biofuel. The use of modern solar panels generates 12% of their electricity consumption. They strive to use materials that have been recycled, are eco-friendly and biodegradable. All their waste is recycled, and they use the minimum amount of water and energy that they can. In addition to this, no toxic products are used throughout the production processes.

SITS “Greencare” range is made using 100% recycled fabrics. The process to achieve this involved collecting PET bottles (made from a lightweight 100% recyclable plastic) which is sorted by colour and transformed into flakes. The flakes are then sorted and melted into pellets, then spun into a yard which is used to make the fabric.



Other eco-friendly fabric collections by SITS include:

Aquaclean and Aquaclean Extreme enabling you to clean the fabric with just water.

Safe Front – this protects the fabric against viruses and bacteria reducing the necessity to use any (often toxic) cleaning products.

Seaqual Initiative, made from upcycled marine plastic. This initiative is working to ensure that our oceans, beaches, rivers and estuaries are clean and free from plastic waste.

Finally, Rolefin, a yarn made using recycled textile waste and zero water.



As a company SITS’ dedication to constantly evolve and improve is inspiring, we hope they continue and bring the rest of the wider furniture industry forward with it. We’re done with fast furniture. Let’s start investing in our homes and ultimately the future of our planet.

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Posted by Felicity Crome
22nd April 2023

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